Monday, 9 November 2015

Copenhagen & Lund // TRAVEL

Well, I didn't take much typical "travel" pictures, but here is some. I was visiting my friend in Lund and Copenhagen was there near by, so why not visit. It was really rainy and gloomy, but it was worth of seeing these places! Only annoying part was that my hair didn't co-operate with me, it decided to stay frizzy.

Oh, the sweets! There was plenty and god damn was it good..
And ofc, what is the point of visiting Denmark without smörrebröd. I tried the roast beef one, since I don't care for fish that much. It was yummy!

And these last pictures are from taken from Lund (uni area). It was nice to see my lovely friend, but time went so fast and I didn't feel that much shoot around pictures. Maybe next time! 

Fateme xx

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