Friday, 9 October 2015


Today I stumbled upon some Nuxe products by accident. I rarely go for that isle in department store, because I'm not so familiar with it and for some reason never got quite into it. I bought an eye cream, night cream and micellar cleansing water. I did smell and try these creams on my hand and I must say they smell heavenly goood! And they we're on sale, so that's the main reason why I decided to get them. >

- No parabens
- Non-comedogenic
-88% natural ingredients
It claims to hydrate and refresh your skin and in the morning you will see the differences (skin is smoother and plumper). I googled some reviews and there was some mixed feelings about this product. Some people said that it was bad for their skin and others said that it actually did what it claims to do. I don't have a sensitive skin, so I think that this will work on my skin, hopefully.

- Contains 93% natural ingredients
-No parabens

It had pretty much same kind of reviews as the night cream. To be honest, I never seen that an actual eye cream can noticeably somehow diminish dark circles and puffiness. But it is of course very important to keep those bags moisturized!  

-Contains 95% natural ingredients
-No parabens

I love micellar water, my holy grail is at the moment Garnier one. But I wanted to try this one too, mainly because it smelled so good. I do try to avoid toners/micellar water which contains alcohol and this one does. So we will see, how this one behaves on my skin.

What kind of experience you have one Nuxe products? Let me know, I'm keen to know!

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